Sciatica? (kinda long)

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I've read many posts about aches, pains and how to cope with them especially at night time but somehow I have yet to see anything mentioning "sciatica" (the compression, by baby, of the sciatic nerve located in the lower back). Am I the only unlucky mommy suffering this symptom?? For my first and current pregnancy I experienced the worst lower back pain when laying down from around 6 months all the way till birth. The pain was so intense I've been forced to sleep in an upright sitting position which you can imagine is highly uncomfortable. I asked my doctor about it today and she confirmed it is in fact sciatica and recommended tylenol pm but I'm curious to know if anyone else had/has it and your method for coping with it at night. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I can't live like this anymore :( Thanks


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  • Kind of. It's more or less just the lower back. Close to the top of the butt cheek but it may be able to spread into the the rectum.
  • @FIRSTTIMEMOMMYTOBE YES that's the sucks
    @angels_mami yes I too have sciatica with my daughter and this time round as well... I even got it in between pregnancies. They sent me to a physical therapist for exercises that I can't do I just suffer. It gets so bad that sometimes my legs give out from under me cuz of the pain...:( I feel ur pain
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  • Thanks ladies I hope we can find some relief!!!
  • Nobody else?? I need help!! :(
  • My doctor told me that may be the pain im experiencing but it hurts soo bad that I pretty much cry it sucks to move an everything he didn't help me out much hence y I'm changing doctors I wish there was a way to make the pain go away
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  • Yeah its gets pretty bad to the point of tears and my fiance always wakes up and massages it. Lately its gotten a little better to where I can sleep for about 3 hours on my side with a pillow between my legs but I wanna be able to sleep for longer. :(
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  • @Angels_Mami I'm a certified massage therapist, and I am so sorry! I know how awful the sciatic nerve can hurt when compressed. Try using a mentholated rub or oil (all doctors have different opinions on what to use- so better check) and have your man rub as hard as you can stand and then put a warm towel on and let it set. It will relax the muscles around the nerve, which should take some pressure off. Keep sleeping with the pillow between your knees, too. Good luck!
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  • I have it..and had it with the first baby and it didn't go away..have to be careful how I sit or walking is painful.
  • @MrsStanley_x2 Thank you so much for the advice its the most helpful I've gotten so far. I'll be sure to try. :) thanks again
  • No problem!! I hope it works for you! :)
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