laying on your tummy while sleeping...

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So this might seem an odd question.. but as we all know the right side is the best side for us to sleep on. I however, am a big fan of tossing and turning... right ,left, on my stomach. I do refrain from the back though. I was just curious if anyone in their 20 weeks is still laying on their tummies, and if anyone knows * based on fact and not opinion* that laying on your tummy is bad for u or the baby, please let me know. Thanks for the comments :)


  • I catch myself doen it I cant help it ur not suppose to but I used to always sleep on my tummy
  • I'm only 16 weeks but I still lay on my tummy sometimes.
  • Oops I didnt mean to post Anything I have found says it is ok if you are comfortable :)
  • I'm 29 weeks and I sleep on my belly have since day one just that's my comfy spot and my baby girl is ahead of the game she weighs 3 pounds 10 ounces
  • The left side is best to sleep on not right. Lol, but its ok to sleep on ur stomach if u are comfortable with it. If it causes u no pain then u r good to go!
  • I have tried sleeping on my stomach and it is really comfortable to be but not so much for my little princess. She kicks and flips and does all kinds of things in there when I try to sleep on my stomach.
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    I'm almost 25 wks and still find myself laying on my tummy. I've always been a tummy sleeper. When I wake up I always turn back to my left side... but in my experience it doesn't harm baby...since I've done it with my other pregnancies And my boy's are just fine :)
  • Im 21 weeks and I still do. I just stick ny leg out so my legs make a 4 that way im not completly on it. Briggam usually kicks the crap outta me if he wants me to move lol,
  • I'm 19 weeks and I do part tummy part side, but that's how I always slept
  • Im 26 weeks and still sleep on my tummy
  • I sleep on tummy still the last 2wks of preggo. I am on my 3rd child. So rock on! And sleeping on left is the best position for the blood flow. So rock on preggos!
  • I catch myself doen it I cant help it ur not suppose to but I used to always sleep on my tummy
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  • All of you who can sleep on your tummy, I've got 1 word for you LUCKY! Lol I've always slept on my tummy but from the very beginning of me getting prego I couldn't do it anymore at first it felt like I ws trying to sleep with like a rock under me and now that I'm 37 weeks if I were to try it'd probably feel like I'm trying to lay on a basketball! Lol =/ I miss being able to sleep on my tummy and can't wait for my princess to be here so I can get back to it! Lol I hate tossing n turning from one side to the other!! Lol
  • I think like everyone else said, if youre comfortable, you shouls be fine:) your body will tell you if some things not okay. I used to only sleep on my tummy and literally ever since i found out i was pregnant my bf freeeaaaaks out if i sleep on it. He literally would wake me up in the middle of the night if he noticed i had rolled over on my stomach. Lol! Hes all 'youre smushing my kid!' I couldnt get mad cuz i love that he cares lol
  • Im confused now, I was told not to sleep on your right side as i cuts bloodflow this not right?
  • @preggointx I know that, I was saying I was told NOT to sleep on your right side... but I see now that was already posted above.
  • I'm 25 weeks and everytime I even attempt to lay down with my leg kicked out to the side Kaylee starts kicking and I'm guessing that's her way of telling me that my tummy is her territory for now :-( ...I wish I could still sleep on my stomach though!
  • Laying on my tummy is the only way I can sleep. I slept on my tummy with my first, I was paranoid so I took a lot of pillows, like 5 or six and created a crater for my belly. She turned out fine. She just kicked a lot with with the extra pressure.

    This time around, I just kind of lay in-between my sides and top of my tummy like some derpy lop-sided whale. Lol

    I'm sure this one is fine too, it Judy's gets cramped and this one kicks too. I am 27 weeks.
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  • I'm 32 weeks and still sleep on my tummy
  • I'm 31 weeks, have a Big ol belly and still sleep on my tummy, i start on my left side and kinda roll halfway on my belly and its still comfy to me....i think if i couldn't sleep on my belly i wouldn't be able to sleep at all...
  • my SO's mom said she slept on her stomach all through out her pregnancy with him and he turned out ok.. it personally hurts me to do it.. so i guess u should go by whether it hurts or not
  • I'm 38 weeks and still sleep on my stomach
  • Why do they say dnt sleep on right side, I do it quite often, jst depends what gets me comfy that nite?
  • I asked my doc if shud I just sleep on my left and she said left or right is fine but just not on my back!!
  • Whys that a prob? aw I do that too. Il need to ask nxt time I c 1!
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