stroller colors!?

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So my bf is set on having an all terrain (jogginh) stroller only cause the wheels are better. Lol

Baby trend has a good travel system jogging stroller for a fair price.. one come in black and purple the other black and green, with some reflective gray.

I want the green and black cause I don't care for purple.

And its for a girl, what colors are u choosing?


  • I was gunna get that one to but I think it looks alittle cheep.. So I think im gunna get a jeep stroller those are really nicr and the stroller im getting is black and like a darkish pink its really cute its on they dont sell it in stores
  • We are going with the Britex cowmooflage lol my husband is super excited about it!
  • Im getting red due to the fact im naming my daughter scarlett like the color red ;)
  • Orange, cause my bd loooves the ny mets. Mets n monkeys lol
  • I saw the baby trend baby jogging stroller, I liked the gray and black one. It's simple and unisex in case I want to sell it when I'm done with it.
  • I got a brown one last time, because I wanted to be able to use it this time, no matter the sex of the baby and because light colors get dirty really fast.
  • That's the one we got! !!
  • I'm getting the UppaBaby Vista in all black. I can't deal with alot of color. Plus, I want it to match my car.
  • @augustbaby .. first, do you like it after home testing it? And I'm due august 25 :)
  • @jcmommy where have u seen grey and black? I thought there was only the two options I saw, lol.
  • I got a safety first one in chocolate brown with khaki. I love it and its a neuteral color. Easy to keep clean and matches my coach ;) diaper bag!
  • Its at Target..
  • @mamajolene is it the zoey pattern graco has by chance? Thats the stroller and car seat I got. Its black and a dark fuscia/pink with a white floral type pattern lol hard to explain but its really pretty. I love it!!
  • I would go for the green. Doesn't matter the gender. Plus if u have kids later they can use it too. The joggin stroller is great for guys it is a bit taller so they can push without stretching also it has better balance. With both my babies I put them in it and went running. Couldn't do that with a regular stroller.
  • I have the Baby Trend travel system ... it's gray, black and green. The stroller is AMAZING!! It glides, it's smooth... so much better than other strollers I've tried. I highly recommend it!! As for colors... ALWAYS go with gender neutral. That way you can use it for other children.
  • @mamajolene I think if I know what you're talking about like @rockinmama says, they sell that style at Walmart. In case you don't wanna deal with online purchasing.
  • I'm getting that purple and black jogging stroller for my son :D I love purple and that color is really nice and dark. I like that its a carseat too!
  • @jcmommy they don't have it anywhere around here I had to get it online, but I honestly prefer online shopping. I feel like you can find better deals but that may just be me :)
  • I am not due until august 10 so we haven't done anything with it yet, but we choose those colors because think its gender neutral...we are having a boy but both agreed we could use if next one is a girl too! My sister in law has it and recommended it to I know she loves it!!
  • Sweet, so the baby trend green black n reflective gray it is! I'll look online for better deals, cause I LOVE a bargain.
  • Did u see the bonus part of has an mp3 hook up!!!!
  • I think I may get the baby trend black and green double sit and stand for my lil girl and older brother
  • The mp3 is good for my bf, I'm not all into listening to music randomly. Lol
  •, I'm jockin' the "joggers" with the "big" spoke or mag rims...& even tho I'm having a matches my wardrobe best...LOL...

    ...what are we using for diaper bags?

    GUCCI!...or something relatively cute...minimum DAKINE or COACH...& I'm not sure what my BM will want...but, LOL...its my girl is gonna be spoiled like 4 week old milk!...

  • Wow, lol. Didn't expect any of that. Made me lol though!
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