Does anyone have a pregnancy pillow???

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do they work....and if anyone has one that is willing to sell...???? they look so comfy, but they are kinda expensive,,,


  • I found mine at Costco for really cheap..or sams club. Maybe was 30
  • Noo but did for my last two pregnancies I wish I never got rid of it but it was soo big and I had my last baby 6 years ago so I threw it away. I need to pick one up asap. Totally worth 50-60 bucks. Try n see if they have used ones
  • I love mine!!!!! Ill prob continue to use it after the baby.
  • I do. I have the leachco all nighter. I bought it when I was about 14 weeks along and I will still sleep with it when im not pregnant. It was a little pricey. I got mine from amazon, they have it for the cheapest. Its worth every penny
  • @katiep8610 that would work if i had a :">
    @cee808 i just being cheap, and i really hate to spend that type of money just for a few more months
  • im just gonna have to go get one....cuz im tossing and turning all night on these cheap walmart pillows
  • Lol I don't think u would like a used one thats been all up in between someones vajayjay
  • @cee808 lmao...definitely not now if you think of it that way.......
  • Try using a body pillow I use a regular pillow n I'm pretty comfortable with those I hav a big one n a small one the bigger one goes nbetween my legs while I snuggle with the smaller one...tada homemade pregnancy pillow
  • @beauty0710 ur right and body pillows are only like 10 bucks...
  • I have a snoogle but it now lives under my bed lol I got tired of fighting with it. I toss from side to side all night and its easier to just sleep with a regular pillow between my legs.
  • @rockinmomma @septmama yup sumtimes I bawl the covers up n stick thm between my legs either way I'm comfortable
  • I got the boppy one early on. Hubby made me i was gonna get a cheap body much as i felt guilty the day i got it must say the great sleep im getting even now in the 38th week...wise investment! So worth the 50 bux. Had a straight body pilloe before n it wasnt this good. I will still use it after birth n its goin to l&d too! Dont go used i wouldnt.
  • I tried a few different ones and they all sucked! So i just use regular body pillows :)
  • I have a large body pillow and it works great 12$ at walmart.. I hug it and put part of it under my belly and put the yest between my leggs it suports my bylly and prevents that pelvicand legg pain u get.. Love
  • I have the leachco back n belly pillow and its amazing! I also purchased it on amazon for about $65 free shipping and its so worth it. I can't sleep without it.
  • I bought a body pillow from Costco for $10 its working for me right now am only 27 weeks 4 days. Hope It worked out the whole pregnancy
  • if u where in perth id give u mine we just put it under our heads as a normal pillow lol I got 3 cause my son stole my first n my sis pinched my second n now I got 1 nxt to my bed lol
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