TMI i just gave my hubby a BJ at the hospital. LOL

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So I delivered my wonderful baby girl on Saturday night! We get to go home tonight at 10pm so excited! My labor was AWESOME no pain meds for pushing... I didn't rip , tear, or have ANY scractches! And was able to pee afterwards! In fact most of swelling has went down and it looks pretty normal. So I rewarded my husband with a BJ in the bathroom in our room at the hospital! LOL he has been so amazing taking care of me. And for him to see me at my worst and still want a BJ makes me feel like sexually our marrige is making it through this child birth stuff! Maybe it won't ruin or sex life ater all! Sorry just funny info.. wondered if anyone else has done this for there SO?


  • Lol I reward my hubby with surprise he's always wanting to return the favor..but I do it to relax him after a stressful day..
  • Bahaha XD that is funny
    & congrats on your baby
    I still have 8weeks to go woooo
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  • I think I'm gonna try this if I'm up to it just because he is already saying how my vag isn't gonna look the same and thinks its gonna be all loose and not the same...
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  • Awesome!!! Congrats on your smooth delivery too!
  • Lol congrats on your easy delivery. You gotta do what you gotta do
  • Lol I feel soo much better ladies not being alone in this! I gotta keep the peace in the homefront! And being generous helps! @mommy2isaiahngiselle I think the pain meds DEF helped put me in the mood! Lol
  • I will be doing those during my 6 weeks.
  • I told my husband dont touch me, I 6ave him 1bj in 7weeks n told him he can support me by waiting with me. I think thats fair
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  • I am so proud of u mommies lol im guilty of giving bj on a regular too
  • Omg lol! Until now, I was the only person I know who got freaky in the hospital after giving birth! Totally jerked the hubby atleast twice last delivery! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone!
  • Heeheee. Once, my husband and I went swimming at a hotel with his sister, her husband, and their daughter. While we were showering in the bathroom, I gave him a BJ.

    They were none the wiser. /:-)
  • Congratulations on your baby. I try to do that on a regular for my man ..
  • This is totally hilarious!! All us freaky moms out there just trying to please our men! Well he just watched my spit out something the size of a watermelon out my cooch... he deserves a reward! Lol
  • @Mommy2IsaiahNGiselle omg that was so freaking funny. Idk why but I sooo pictured that in my head and seen this crazy lady with hair everywhere jacking like mad town. I seriously loled really hard. You girls are so funny.
  • Omg homegirl told me that after she delivered her and her bd had sex in the hospital bed...I was like wtf!!!
  • lol.... Me and hubby were never alone at the hospital to do anything like that. I did give my hubby a bj the night we got home though. @amipregnant & @mommy2isaiahngiselle... I was having the same mental picture. Lmao... Too funny!
  • This is funny we were never alone at the hospital with my daughter but he did get a lot of bjs during the 6 weeks I was healing. And he has been asking if that will also happen this time around haha I think the pain meds put me in a crazy mood.
  • Hopefully once she comes my sex drive will come back immediately... It left on 4/20 and me and my hubby are looking for it.. Help
  • LOL I had a CSECTION with my my 2 girls so I get the 3 day stays...
    I did that after my 3 yr old was
  • Lol my fiance had back surgery two yrs ago and he wanted a bj afterwards so he got one then at his followup appt we had sex at the dr office then he was hospitalized for a bit last february and did it in his room lol so after labor? Most likely a yes
  • We couldn't do anything Like that. I had to share a room.(which was completely horrible)
  • I hope I can do the same for my Bf =) my sex drive just isn't there anymore! I really hate it! I try, but I know it's def not enough!!! ;)
  • My hubby was hospitalized a while back and we initiated the bathroom after i showered him. Of course when i had my gallbladder out i was on morphine and was mean, told him to stay away! Lol
  • My former best friend and her bf had sex in the hospital bathroom when she was in therefor a kidney infection. But i think hubby will defently be getting a bj when we're in the hospital.
  • Idk about me. Maybe if I'm drugged enough. Drugs make me loopy lol. My sex drive has gone way down :(
  • I had been holding out on my poor hubby throughout this whole pregnancy pretty much, but hes been so wonderful that tonight I gave him one, then he cuddled up to me and said " I have needs too!" Lol it was so cute!!!
  • we never alone in hospital. Last time he had our son. My mom took him for the night but he went home. Which was good cuz our son didnt do well away from us both. This time he will have 2 boys with him. So not likely. Maybe when we come home. We will see.
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