Full Moon Is It True???

So there is a full moon on March 8th. My brother in law told me that's when I will go into labor, due to the pull of gravity. Hmmmm...... What are your guys thoughts? Can a full moon really cause labor?


  • Idk, I had my son on Oct 12th 2011 and it was a full moon.
  • Hmmm I am very intrested if there is any truth to it. I have googled it however there are things pointing both ways.
  • @Heather3rdgirl I dont know, wait until March 8th :-D
  • I've always heard more girls go into labor on nights with a full moon. My sil told me that as well, she delivers babies.
  • Wasent true for me I was passed my due date on full moon and I walked all day that day and nothing still had to be induced. Hope it works in your favor
  • Not sure but I went into labor at 38 weeks at the start of our first real blizzard of the year. My ob said sometimes their delivery floors can be busier then because of the barometric pressure. I've heard similar stories about full moons so maybe! :)
  • My mother swears by it. She said she pointed her belly at the full moon & it worked for me & my brother. I did it with my 2nd & was in labor that night but the nurse said she doesnt notice a difference
  • Some people swear by it, but there is no medical evidence that its true.. the amount of women in labor only goes up a little bit, and there is alao a small spike during a new moon..

    There was a full moon the night I went into labor, 4 weeks early.
  • That's another old wives tale. Some women do go into labor when there's a full moon but it hasn't really 'been proven' I had a scheduled c section so Idk anything about it lol
  • I have heard that & have several family members that are RN, they say the hospital gets really busy & crazy on full moons. My aunt worked at the state mental hospital & said it was CRAZY on full moons too lol. Hope it helps u tho :)
  • We had our first snow the day before i went into labor
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    My mother in law though her daughter and I were going into labor at the same time because we were both about to and nothing was happening.. well... The full moon came and guess what??? Nothing happened lol
  • I heard it has to be the ninth full moon since u got pregnant and u can go anytime after that! The full moon was on Oct 12 I had my Lo three weeks early on the 13! There were 14 other mommys in labor at the same time as me too! So I think its true LOL
  • Wasnt true for me but I was really hoping it wuld be lol
  • It wasn't true for me @ all.
  • Well I saw my little sweetheart today, they even did a 3D. She is super cute and weighs 5 pd 5 oz. Yay :)
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