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Forum Rules

The forum rules are in place to keep Pregly a nice place. The rules are enforced by the support team. Members of the support team are invited by Martin.

No Personal Attacks: You may not threaten abuse or slander another person including members or the support team.

Personal attacks/"bashing" are postings, comments, or even private messages that insult, demean, embarrass or humiliate an individual or group because of their character, decisions, personal choices, beliefs, appearances, or anything similar. One personal attack does not warrant the right to retaliate with another personal attack. Remember that discretion and respect are enforced!

Please note - communications of warnings, bans, and deletions: Matters between members of the Pregly Support Team and individual forum members are private and will not be discussed publicly or with other users. Members will be notified of any warnings issued through a private message involving the Pregly Support Team and the member involved, including the rule(s) that has been been disregarded. If you have any concerns, you should feel comfortable that your privacy will be respected when you bring it to a member of the Support Team. Decisions of account removals are made by the Support Team after a review of all of the facts, and a member will be notified by private message; appeals may be directed to @Martin at

No Bullying or Harassing: Bullying is any sort of action(s) that are used to intimidate, humiliate, harass or threaten someone. Posts or threats of this nature will not be tolerated. You may not bully or harass ANYONE on Pregly, be they member or a member of the Pregly Support Team/Administrator.

Illegal activity or misrepresentation: No false profiles, illegal acts or discussions of illegal acts are allowed. The only exception to this is if you are seeking medical advice or support on an issue that directly relates to pregnancy. (Example: Opening a thread simply to talk about recreational drugs is not acceptable, although opening a thread to discuss the physical and or emotional affects of drug use during pregnancy or while caring for a child are acceptable - as long as the discussion conforms to all other forum rules.)

Please make a note - banned accounts/drama: The creation of an account with the primary purpose of either trying to circumvent having already been banned or specifically with the intent of causing "drama"/breaking the rules IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Any such accounts shall be closed upon their discovery with no warning or explanation. Should a mistake be made, as soon as we are made aware of it we will rectify the situation and issue apologies to all parties involved.

No pornographic conversations, images or links and no cursing: While we support women being able to discuss things related to their health and pregnancy, posts that are sexually explicit and/or soliciting any type of pornography will be deleted. This does not mean that you cannot discuss issues such as sex during pregnancy or the function of your body, it specifically refers to anything that has no valid medical relevance to pregnancy.

No disruptive behavior: You may not use this forum for disruptive behavior, including, but not limited to: boycotting, petitioning, repeat posts in multiple threads, litigious behavior or reporting, interfering with discussions, flooding, spamming, lobbying, "calling out" a specific member or group of members or publicly airing a private grievance. If something you posted was removed from the forum, it was with cause. Do not simply re-post the same thing again. If you would like to appeal the removal of something contact the Pregly Support Team or an Administrator, who would be more than happy to help.

! Zero Tolerance Policy !: While we try very hard to be understanding, we have a zero tolerance policy for the following behaviors -
* Slanderous, disrespectful, hostile, threatening, bullying or belligerent remarks to or about any of the Pregly Support Team/Administrator. This includes remarks made indirectly in an attempt to mask their intended target.
* Slanderous, disrespectful, hostile, threatening, bullying or belligerent remarks to or about any forum member.
* Spamming our community.
* False or fake identities/accounts.
* Racial slurs, violent threats and excessively aggressive, disruptive and hateful statements or behavior.
* Posting personal information of another member without express consent of the member, up to and including photos, address, phone number, or e-mail address, or any other identifying information of the member.

Members violating these rules may be subject to an immediate ban from the forum, with or without notice. By participating in our forum you are agreeing to follow both the letter, and the intent, of these and all rules. You agree to abide by the interpretation of, and enforcement of, these rules as made by each and every one of the members of the Pregly Support Team, as well as the Administrator of Pregly. We are a TEAM and act accordingly; there is not one of us who is above the other. We act both jointly and separately, as it is not always possible for us to be on the forum at the same time.

Violations of these rules may result in your ability to continue to post in the forum as an active member being TERMINATED with or without notice. Should this happen, your posts may or may not be removed from the forum as well. Termination of a members active status should not effect their ability to use any of the other functions of the Pregly App, nor should it affect the ability to passively read the forum. If it does, please contact one of us so that we can look into the problem.



Pregly is *not* a substitute for proper medical care, advice or attention. ALWAYS check with your doctor if you have any concerns with regards to your pregnancy, personal health or the health of your child. Regardless of any medical training a member of the forum may have, they are NOT a substitute for your actual doctor. If you think (for any reason) you may be in labor - have fluids leaking or are experiencing regular, time-able contractions -- Either call your doctor's office immediately or go into your local Urgent Care facility or Emergency Room. Pregly is for entertainment and support purposes only. Remember, all doctors/midwives/medical professionals have their own personal way of doing things and it is best to keep them aware of your concerns and your changes in diet, excercise and mood as well as with everything else that directly relates to your pregnancy/health. We wish everyone a happy and healthy experience with ttc/pregnancy/parenthood!!

Also, please note that Pregly dose not discriminate against a members gender, sexual orientation, race, age, health, physical appearance, family situation (single parent, divorced, etc), financial situation, level of education, or where they live. We welcome anyone and everyone who has, or is trying to have, children to enjoy our forum!! If anyone notices a member discriminating against another member, please do not confront the individual youself (as this typically only leads to problems/drama) but instead report the situation to a member of the Pregly Support Team.

@martin, @Mama_Kat & @HomeBirthAdvocate can be reached by either private messages to their Inbox or via email. (, &
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