New Forum officially opened

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Just to let you know..

As mentioned earlier this year, new members can finally "officially" join the Pregly community again. An app update is available from the Google Play Store. The update replaces -this- forum with the new one.

This forum will remain online, but it is not available in the app anymore. FYI - the link is: (there is also a link to it from the new forum, on the top of every forum page).


  • In not able to sign in to the new!!
  • hey @martin trying to get on the new forum and i click the link u posted on top but it brings me back to the old forum what im i doing wrong
  • btw im doing from a desktop if that even matters
  • @roxy the link he posted is the link to this forum from a computer or browser. The new forum is the update and I think the website is
  • correct!

    old forum:
    new forum:
  • Do I have to make a new account? I tried signing in with my email and password but its not working.
  • @Martin Why is it I can sign in using my email and password on the computer, but from my phone it says wrong username/email or password? I can only log on from the computer. With my phone it won't work.
  • Also - @Martin, could I be added to the original pregly group? I joined in Januarry 2011. :) Thank you!!!
  • @G&;EsMama You have to make a new account.
  • @musicmomma you have to make a new account, after that I can add you to the originals group!
  • I really dont like how the new app is set up. Its alot more time consuming and I never want to go on because I have to click each category and I dont like it. It was alot easier when I could click on the pregly app and come straight to this forum. Not sure why you changed it but the other one is dead.
  • @Martin Just signed up again! If you could please add me to the originals group, I would appreciate it! Thank you!
  • @martin could you add me to the originals as well thank you
  • We'll I'm moving to cause I no longer like this one anymore
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    @martin could u please add me to the originals group on the forum I have signed up my user name is happymomma thanks
  • @martin I sent you a PM on the new forum about being an admin and updating it.
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