Where's @Wilsomom?

Has anyone heard from @Wilsomom? I haven't hears from her in a while. I wonder how she's doing?


  • Where's everyone? :-(
  • Lol I think we're all just busy with our kids. Rather then like over two years ago when we were all sitting around pregnant and had the time to post. Now we don't even have time to shower. ..
  • hello ladies!! glad to know you guys are still on here
  • Exactly @Ourlittlenugget.

    @Jules Very true. Now that Eli is active I have been very busy and with the weather breaking, finally. I've been busy. Plus work.

    Hey @Val what's been up?
  • How's work going by the way? @veevee
  • It sucks I want to quit @jules lol. How are you?
  • Yes know that feeling that's why I did hehe. But I'm doing well been busy but in good way. Visited my aunt last week came back been getting ready to leave to visit my parents gonna me long drive almost 6 hrs with two kidsin the car. I'm hoping it's not too busy for hubby at work tonight so he can drive little as well and hopefully I can rest. Oh and out of nowhere I have this spot in middle of my tummy that's hurting when I touch it even just barely touch it or lift something kinda hoping I'm not getting a hernia or anything. Kinda freaking out about it since I've never had any problems not even broken bones. Hopefully it passes soon!
  • @jules was I hope it's nothing serious either

    Breastfeeding has been resulted me to getting domperidone. Get my prescription next week.
  • Thank you I don't think it is. It went away so that's good! So breastfeeding is not going to well? But I'm happy for you that your still at it! Keep it up :)
  • It was good then I got really sick and Ibhad to take some medicine and I think it messed with my supply. I talked to my LC about it and she recommended Domperidone. So hopefully I'll be back on track.
  • Is it supposed to help milk production? We been out of town for week and therefore I've been pumping and feeding with bottles most the time and I've noticed drop in my supply. Hopefully next couple days it will get back to normal.
  • Yes. I researched it online and a lot of breastfeeding moms said it helped them out a lot. Some even say drastically.
  • That's cool where you get it?
  • You can ask your doctor for a prescription or order it online. If you ask your doctor make sure they give you domperidone and NOT reglan. @jules
  • Isn't used for other things and then they found it helps with supply?
  • Let me know if u see a change in ur supply I'm ok right now but it's starting to go down mostly bc we been traveling therefore I haven't been having my daughter on the breast as much we were using my stored milk in a bottle and in middle of traveling I couldn't pump so my body was thinking I don't need as much anymore. I would like to get it back up to have extra to save some more in the fridge. I figure more I save the sooner I can stop and feed her off that! So if it works I'll get some.
  • @jules it's for gastrointestinal purpose but the side effect produce prolactin in breastfeeding women which helps with breastfeeding.

    I just started taking mine today. They say it can take up to a few days to a week to see a change. I'll let you know.
  • Well good luck! I don't know how much of the things I've looked up online about it is fact. But it has other side effects that don't like so appealing to me so I hope that's not the case. Did ur doctor have any other concerns?
  • Well that's good. So far I'm still doing fine with my supply haven't had to supplement thank God so I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing and hope I don't have to quit anytime soon!
  • I have noticed a slight boost in my supply. I may take a while to see a a big difference but for now its working good enough. @jules.

    What are you doing to help your supply?
  • Well that's good. We'll mine has been pretty good this time around from the start so I just continue drinking lots water and making sure I eat even if I'm not hungry I'll have little snack. I'm one those who gets busy ill forget to eat lol so I've been making sure I do. And eat things that are high in good fats and protein. And if my daughter is still asleep at night and my boobs are full I'll pump that way my body thinks I need more. Also if I see it dropping I feed her then go pump for 5 to 10 minutes even if nothing is coming out. Once ago 5 makes the body think I need it so it produces more.
  • Thats good @jules
  • I wouldn't be surprised if she was too busy she does have alot of kids, as far as I can remember.
  • Is anyone still on here? I haven't been on in forever! Life just got kinda crazy after I had Jonah lol
  • Not many people still talk on here, I think people are preferring Facebook groups over this.
  • I get on every couple days I don't think anyone is here anymore lol
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