24 week update

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So today I had my 24w3d appointment. Baby is measuring a week ahead weighing 1ibs 9oz. Cerclage is holding tight no funneling or signs or letting go. I go in for my glucose test in the next two weeks and get my whooping cough vaccine. Best news of all we are having guess what another little Boy! Caleb is truly watching over us with this one. We have decided on a name as well, Lincoln Andrew Niko has a dd of 10/20/14. At 32 weeks dr wants to start a round of steroid shots just in case he decides to come a little early. Also I'm hoping on my next appointment at 28 weeks he will pull me off work. It's getting harder to do my job, stay up all night & not drink coffee.
I was in the hospital two weeks ago for loosing a piece if my mucus plug & having contractions but everything checked out fine. Baby Lincoln did have fetal cardiac arrhythmia but dr said 90% of the time baby's current itself or right after birth. This time no arrhythmia was heard. 15 more weeks and I'll finally have my rainbow in my arms.


  • Yeay!! Hope your feeling well :)
  • Time is flying by so fast. I'm 32weeks and I can't even believe it! Hope all is well :X @TimeBandit
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    Hope you're feeling better @TimeBandit.

    Wow @MyLove2 time is really flying by... 32 weeks?
  • Hit 34 weeks and everything still looks fine, Lincoln is measuring 2 weeks ahead and at my last appointment at 32 weeks dr said he looks to be bout 5ibs. I'm still at work, hoping though these will be my last few weeks here since I only get 12 maternity leave and am able to hold my position. Can't wait to hold this boy and tell him how much of a miracle he is for me.
  • You give me such hope.
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