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So I had a positive pregnancy test. Went to the er for brown bleeding they said my cervix was closed and they saw a gestational sact that it was too early to see or hear anything else. Well I started having pink heavier spotting only when i wipe that lasted about 2 hrs then it turned brown again. Anyone know whats going on? My levels were at 5300 ± last time. Im just confused as to why this is happening. Also it happened after sex. Debating going to the er they are always so blunt. Especially when you are way too early. They are like there is nothing we can do blah blah blah the only reason why they gave me a ultrasound last time because they suspected another PMP. scared. Really hoping this baby sticks not to mention im under so much stress.


  • Stress can always make periods late. I was so afraid with all that was going on through my second pregnancy, that I was going to miscarry. Thank God I didn't. Rubiya needed her sister :D
  • Was just checking in with you. Hope things are going alright.
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