Had my rainbow

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I just wonded to post that I had my rainbow baby boy on 10/2/14 at 1:19 am vi c- section. My Lincoln was born 3 1/2 weeks early and had to spend 5 days in the NICU for breathing problems and a slight fever. We came home together, my dr allowed me to stay admited in the hospital till we both got a clean bill of health. Lincoln weighed 8ibd 7.2 oz and was 20 inc long the day he was born, when we left he had dropped down to 7 IBS 3oz. But after 2 weeks at home a a mix of formula and breast milk bottles every 3 hours he was back up to 7ibs 8oz yesterday at his well child check up. We have had to practice latching on my breast and have tried every which way and another but the only way he will stay latched for 10 minutes is if I use his bottles nipple And place it on mine. We've tried breast shields and he doesn't seem to like that either. Nipple confusion and be a hard thing to adapt to but I've come to accept that even though we might never be able to breastfeed he is still getting plenty of breast milk via bottle. I pumped every 3 hrs the first week & a half but now since I can get about 7oz in one sitting I only pump every 4-6 hrs allowing me to get more sleep. Thought I would keep you all posted. Thank you all for listening to my ttc journey the last 3 years


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