Christmas Miracle.

Hey everyone, I havent been on here in such a long time. I been so busy with my three year old and my almost one year old. This Christmas has been the worst so far.. my dad needs an emergency liver transplant (hes been on the list for a few years now, but theres still no donor for him. I want to give him mine but he wont let me because he dont want me to suffer.) But while they try to find him a liver donor he will be in the hospital for a long time and my mom and grandma (who is with him in California.) Has absolutely no where to go because they wont let them stay at the hospital in the room with my dad since my dad is sharing a room with another patient. Right now their currently living in a hotel and with all the medical bills they cant afford it, plus with all the stress of my dad getting worst by the day. Im sick to my stomach knowing there is nothing i can do but pray. Please say a prayer for him and if you can please make a donation, anything and everything is greatly appreciated and will help. Please he is my best friend and i dont even know how to handle this :(

God bless you always. Thank you for reading this, praying, and donating.
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