Going from 3 to 4???

Hey ladies!!! IM BAAAAAAACK!! How is everyone? My oldest daughter is almost 4 now, middle daughter is 2 and a half and our son is 9 months. We are really considering adding a 4th child. This may sound crazy but i want to even out the number, the world isnt really made for odd numbers if kids lol.The transition from 0-1 knocked me for a loop, from 1-2 was easy breezy, 2-3 was CRAZY but we made it and love it now. Any mom's of four out there that can give me some insight? Is going from 3-4 a big change? How? Pros? Cons?


  • I wish I could help but we are finally just adding a second! My daughter is almost 4 too :) and we are having another girl. I've always heard though that once you have 3 adding one more is no big deal lol.
  • Congrats!!! When are you due?? Geez it feels like yesterday that we were both prego with our firsf!!
  • Thanks!! Im due October 30th so I'm halfway there! It's crazy how fast time has gone by.
  • Hey!!! My daughter is almost 4 also and my son is almost 3! How are y'all?! Congrats!
  • Thanks!! We are great, how are you?? Time has gone so fast!!
  • Congratulations
  • Congratulations :-)

    Great to see that you still hang around here!
  • Im adding a 4th next months im starting the baby making by the time the baby ia born if everything goes as planned my oldest will be almost 5 my second 3 my third almost 2 but the 4th will be my my last i think it will be great
  • Im still here!! My little one just turned 4 august 11th
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