Starting actual solids?

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My LO is already on purées but I'm ready to start actual solids such as avocados, peas, broccoli and such. When and how did you mama introduce actual solid to your little ones.


  • 6 months or so I offered little pieces of bread and then just kept adding stuff whenever they showed interest (always!)
    I tried to stick with small, soft stuff until they got more teeth, but once they mastered Cheerios and banana chunks they were pretty much game for anything. Mine were obsessed - once they got their hands on food they were in love!
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    it's so much fun when they start eating solids makes u feel there getting bigger :(
  • I just cooked the veggies to make them softer but Scarlett didn't get her first teeth until her 1st birthday lol so I was extra careful. But if your lo has teeth then slowly introduce like @ourlittlenugget said once they do cheerios most other things are even easier.
  • How old is your little guy now? !
  • He'll be 7 months on the 15th.
  • That's went fast ha? I thought it was fast with my first and now it's going even faster with the second. Guess it's just being busy and days just fly by! I'm enjoying every second of it and it's easier to do knowing were done bc I really do take in every minute because I know it's my last chance. What's ur lo up to learning anything new? Addeline who just turned 4 months is such busy strong little thing. She's only 11 pounds 14 oz but she soo strong. Rolled over from tummy to back and 2.5 months then 2 week later at 3 months rolled from back to stomach. Had amazing head control. And starting and trying very hard to crawl already. It's really cute and funny!
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    @jules, awe. He started rolling over a 3 months stomach to back, back to stomach, he wants to walk instead of crawling. He is very strong. He found his pee-pee last month and won't let it go. It's a wrestle during changing and bath time. He been sitting up unsupported for 3 months now. Holds his own bottle. He was 15lbs and 10oz at his 6mos visit. We're starting baby led weaning next week. Time has been flying by too quick. I'm cherishing every moment I can
  • @veevee well hope you have great luck with led. We're only doing cereal right now just little even though her doctor said she's ready for more I'm in no rush lol. But just weaned her off the paci it's amazing! She was always calm baby but that's one less thing she thought she needed so shes so chill now. Only cries when hungry or had like poo explosion. I wish I would have taken my older one off the paci when she was baby. But oh well we live and learn!
  • @jules I haven't started yet. Staring tomorrow. I'm working on getting him of the paci too. He's teething now and I habe a few teethers in the freezer for him.

    How was you Easter @jules, @Ourlittlenugget, @Roxy?
  • Oh ok well good luck! Easter was good. We did most of our stuff on Saturday bc my husband works 24 on Sundays. But it was nice because I went and brought him and the other guys some food and stuff and got to hang out at the station which is fun for Scarlett!
  • Aww that was nice @jules. We did our udual decorated eggs, dud baskets, went to my Aunts house for dinner. What are you guys doing for Mother's Day?
  • That's fun! We're visiting my family for mothers day here for almost week then going to dinner and hubby and I will have date night tomorrow. He works mothers day since it's Sunday but it's not big deal since we are already celebrating for multiple days.
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    Aww that's sound so nice @Jules.
  • lol sry so late my Easter went good it's so cute seeing. the lil ones find eggs and how was yours
  • lol sry so late my Easter went good it's so cute seeing. the lil ones find eggs
  • @veevee Yes it's been really nice! Just gonna take it easy today enjoy my girls!
  • @jules we're just gonna go out to eat.

    @Roxy what about you?
  • @veevee well that's nice! What's going on with your relationship? Things better between u two. I remember ur sons family was way opinionated and controlling which creates issues.
  • @jules things have been going okay with them. I'm not around them as much. SO and I are okay. We're going through some things at the moment.

    How are you and the family?
  • @veevee well sound like little improvement which is good sign. What's going on with u two? :(
    My family is great hubby is busy working which is bummer at times when I miss him. However it's blessing to have the financial stability so I'm not complaining. Girls are doing well healthy and happy, and busy hehe. We finally found bigger house we been looking ever since we found out I was pregnant with Addeline and shes gonna be 6 mon the next month. We we're looking like crazy until last 2 months though and we're kinda picky lol. So I'm very excited to be moving into our new house and having family visit soon and we're visiting family lots fun things ahead! :)
  • @jules that's good to hear. How big is the house. I'm looking for an apartment. I was hoping I could get a rent to own house but not having much luck. So an apartment will do for now. I found a few 1 bedroom apartments that were nice. I will be going to view some soon.
  • @veevee the new house is 2100 sq. Has very nice front and back yard and comes with gardeners so I'm glad we don't have to worry about yard work lol. I'm very excited for you, I hope one of those is exactly what you are looking for! And this is random but I feel like where the only once alive on here we just need to text lol
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    Lol. @jules it seems like it. I haven't visited the new forum in a long time. Is it even active.
  • @veevee lol its still there but I rarely check it it's beyond boring. At least when this was the only one it wasn't as active ad it used to be a year ago but we all knew each other. The new one feels like bunch random people who never post and when they do its not as personal as we are on here with each other. No relationships if that makes sense.
  • @Jules I get what you mean. I tried to post over there but when I did I got no replies. I'm more on babycenter and the babycenter spinoff facebook group. I come on here every now and then. I wish it was active as it used to be minus the drama.
  • @veevee ya same here! I'm not on baby center figured I keep it down to one group and interact on Facebook I am way to busy for anymore lol
  • @jules Exactly. Babycenter and Facebook is where I frequent. If I ever get the time to go on. I'm loving this stage with Eli. He's so active along with the crawling, standing, trying to walk. I find myself only getting on when he takes a nap and some nights when I can't sleep.
  • @jules that sounds like a big house. Were looking at a few new houses this weekend.
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