Starting actual solids?



  • @veevee that is very fun stage. Our youngest is 6 months which were loving she's been crawling for awhile now which is fun but not too much work since she's not walking yet. Hopefully she doesn't learn that too soon so Scarlett can slow down little so we're not chasing two lol. But yet it's big but we love the space and perfect for our family needs.
  • Start with small soft pieces, I waited until my daughter was almost 1 before I gave her real food we cooked and made.. I was worried she would choke or something, she never did..
  • @MyLove2 Eli is already eating some table food. I started BLW around 7 months.

    @jules They grow up so fast. He's walking but with his sit and stand toy. He's pulling himself up. He is very active and I love it. I wish he would slow down a little though.
  • @veevee that's fun stage! How old is he?
  • @jules 9 months.
  • @veevee oh wow sure goes by fats ha?! Our oldest just turned 2.5 she's crack up. Then our second is almost 7 months she's baby genius lol. I wish she would slow down learning way too fast. Now she crawls wherever we are sits up perfectly whenever she wants loves her toys feeds herself finger foods, holds her own bottle, says da da. Scarlett loves her and she's the same she lives watching and trying to keep up with her older sister. She's now working on pulling up which I'm not gonna help because with our first as soon as she was pulling up she was walking and doing it well. Was running by 9 months I'm not ready for that yet with this one :)
  • @jules Aww. Well now Eli is 10 months. He is walking but not independently. Talking up a storm, his favorite word, for now, is "baby" (or beebee) everything is baby. "Mama" comes in second. He love his toys especially his sportscenter (basketball, baseball and football thingy) and his Vtech Sit and Stand Activities Walker. Even though he love his toys hw still like playing with stuff that's not baby related lol. He has a nice amount of toys that we had to buy a toy organizer. He loves being read and trying to pull at the picture he think the characters in the book are toys. He is a very busy body and very very active. Gets into everything. I LOVE IT!!! Gives me some exercise too.

    Right now were looking into venues for his 1st birthday. I wanted to do a small get together at home. You know some decorations, cake and ice cream, a few goody bags for the kids. Then I remembered he has a big family, he is part Nigerian and they love throwing parties. So you know how that goes. It's not going to be too big though. His theme for now is Baby Lion King just like my baby shower theme. I'm sending out invitations next week.

    So how are you doing?
  • @veevee that's great! I love busy babies that's how Scarlett was and Addeline who just turned 8 months few days ago is the same way. She standing up been balancing on her own and walks if we let her hold on to our fingers. We just bought Scarlett a big girl bed she's super excited. We got a full I hate twins they r soo small and im hoping one good bed and mattress will last her a long time. She's been having hard time at bedtk.e and nap time ever since vacation so I could use some good vibes this way lol. But I just got some white sheets for now until I decide what I want the theme of ther room to be then I'll get all the bedding as a set. Other then that out of nowhere at age of 24 my one my wisdom teeth which all 4 are still inside the gums was bothering me. So I had to checked out and got a referral to a oral surgeon, however it stopped hurting so now I'm not sure what to do if I should just have the removed anyway or wait it out and see if I ever have any kind of discomfort again. It's obviously not cheap and hard with hubbies busy work schedule and two little once. ..
  • Aww @jules glad things are going good. I need all 4 of mine removed and a deep cleaning and a few fillings. Yay to the big girls bed. I hope thing get better with nap bed time. Speaking of time. Time is flying by so fast. I can't believe Eli will be 1 in three weeks. I wanna cry.

    Eli does good with napping its the bedtime we have a problem with. We're working on it though.
  • @veevee Yeay! Sooo exciting :) this next year will be super fun I loved Scarlett between 1 and 2 they r very fun. But yes she's doing great at nap and bed time just as shes always had it must have been tinny stage because of the vacation totally threw her off. But for bedtime number one thing is very very consistent routine.! Had my wisdom teeth removed glad that's over with now I'm back to my regular self and pretty smile hehe.
  • @jules We've been thrown off of our bedtime since we moved from formula to milk (whole, but switching to almond) and he's been sick for a couple of days. I'm trying to get a good routine going and stay consistent with it.

    Eli's birthday is Monday and I still got a few things to take care of. I'm so excited.
  • @veevee Aww well i hope he feels better soon so sleep can become better again. Very exciting about his birthday can u believe it? It's bittersweet ha? I can't believe Scarlett will be turning 3 in December and Addeline 1! I remember certain things about Scarlett as a baby and others are a blur because I get it confused with Addeline lol. It all blends in my mind as one baby kinda. How r u been doing?
  • @jules I'm doing good. On his birthday we did a smash cake. His party was on the 20th at Chuck E Cheeses. It was really nice we reserved a party package. It was really nice. It was a little bittersweet.

    Oh and we found an apartment. We move in November.

    What are the plans for Scarlett's birthday and Addeline? How are you doing?
  • @veevee that sounds great! I think every year is bittersweet. I have no clue what I wanna do for scarlet and Addelines birthday :( good thing I have some time. I just feel like she's only 3 so I don't know if I want to rent a place and her friends or even her not being able to totally participate. I wish I could do something at our house since it is good size inside and good size yard but not sure what I would do to keep kids entertained. Adults are easy just food and drinks and they r happy lol.
    I'm very excited for you with the apartment! Where were u before ur families?
  • @jules I was living with my mom and SO with his mom. My family always seem to do CEC for first birthdays. The kids are happy, some even tired when its time to go home and a very few are hyped up on sugar.

    Adults are easier I agree. I think the age of 3 I would still do a home party that way you don't have to rush to leave.
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